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How Solar Energy Works

When making the commitment to install a solar power system on your property, you may want to know how you’ll be generating clean electricity:

  1. Sunlight hits your solar panels and creates energy.
  2. The energy is converted into electricity.
  3. The electricity is used as needed and excess power is sent back to your bidirectional meter.
  4. Excess power is sent from your meter to the utility grid and builds a “bank” of credits.
  5. Your utility company provides electricity at night after your “bank” of credits are used.

How You Save

When you pre-qualify for a free, in-home consultation, an experienced solar specialist will review your electricity usage with you. If you have a high electricity bill and your roof receives a lot of sunlight, you’re already a great candidate for meaningful monthly savings.

Your savings are determined by several factors, including:

  • Electricity usage
  • Electricity cost
  • Roof space
  • Shading on your roof & property
  • Roof position & tilt

Compare Bills

This bill is about $150 lower than the previous bill.

What you can do next:

Discover a new way to save energy.

How You Qualify

When you go solar, you get more than savings — you get peace of mind. Qualification and savings are determined by multiple factors, including:

  • Owning your home
  • Electricity usage & cost
  • Age & condition of your roof
  • Roof space
  • Shading on your roof & property
  • Roof position & tilt

What to Expect During the Solar Process




Free, No-Obligation Consultation


Solar Program Enrollment


Site Assessment, Design, Permitting & Installation


Final Inspection & Activation

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