How It Works

Our program is simple:

We want to pay you for helping your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues save money by converting to solar.

You can also grow a team of affiliates underneath you and we will pay you again each time they convert a homeowner to solar.

You can earn $750 per solar installation of each homeowner you refer plus $50 – $200 per installation from each affiliate in your downline. Click Here To Learn More!

Our Service Locations

We partner with Industry leaders in residential solar with operations in New Jersey, New York, California, Connecticut, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Contact us now to see if we service your area.

When you install a solar system on your home in NJ, for every 1,000 kWh of solar power your panels generate you also receive one Solar Renewable Energy Certificate. These SRECs can be sold at one of the highest rates in the country!
NY offers up to $5,000 in tax credits for going solar!
The Sunshine state receives an average of 5.67 peak sun hours a day – that ranks among the highest in the country!
Fifth in the country for most solar power generated – utility rebates provide significant savings for homeowners!
Pennsylvania is the first state to have both Republicans and Democrats support a 100% transfer of all energy to renewables!
With Connecticut having one of the highest utility rate averages in the country, homeowners can reduce their electricity costs by up to 40% when they go solar!

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