MV Marketing

We partner with industry leaders in residential solar to support homeowners on their journey to cleaner, price-protected electricity generated by the sun.

As a member of our team, you will be rewarded for helping your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues lower their monthly utility bills with cleaner, more affordable energy.

Learn more about how our program works and join us on our mission to enable our homeowners to take control over their rising electricity cost!

There has never been a better time to convert to solar!

Affiliate Marketing Rewards Program


We’ve designed a program tailored to reward you for helping your family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues save money on their electric bills.


    • We offer highly competitive compensation for any direct referrals, payable upon completion of installation.
    • In addition to compensation for direct referrals, we offer supplemental compensation for any customers that are referred by all of the affiliates in your network—affiliates that you have personally referred, payable upon completion of installation.
    • You can keep tabs on your active referral network by accessing our Affiliate Portal.